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We have mixed feelings about the rise of the popularity of our little town of Sayulita. However, instead of fighting the inevitable, we've decided to help facilitate the heightened tourism and help others from around the world enjoy this local gem! Sayulita has phenomenal beginner waves to get started surfing right next to downtown. Additionally, both to the north and south are many other great beaches and towns to travel to for additional surfing. Join us for the ride of a lifetime!


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2 hours
Group Size
Up to 12

Surf Lesson in Sayulita

The Sayulita main beach is home to restaurants, shops and vendors, is just steps from downtown, and most importantly has some great beginner and intermediate surfing! With a nice, 2+ ft right break, Playa Sayulita offers a playground for beginners and experienced surfers alike, giving them a beautiful and serene backdrop while riding these warm Pacific waves. Testing edits 1 2 3

49 USD
4 hours
Group Size
2 to 8

San Poncho Day Trip

Sayulita isn't the only spot around for amazing surfings. Escape the crowds in Sayulita and experience the quaint nearby down of San Pancho. Just 20 minutes by car away, this similarly quaint town has significantly fewer tourists and offers similar, and often better breaks for surfing. No need to fight a crowded lineup trying to catch a wave in !

99 USD
6 days
Group Size
At least 4

Punta Mita Surfing Camp

Punta Mita is home to surf shops with great surf lessons and surfboard rentals, but more importantly, some of the surf around. Not only is the town of Punta Mita quaint, authentic, and interesting, but the Punta Mita surf is nothing to be overlooked. With a wide variety of surf breaks and some of the best swells on the Pacific coast, Punta de Mita is sure to quench all of your appetites.

1500 USD

Why choose us?

We want to take you to the place that only seem to exist on postcards and calendars. We want you to experience the rush of catching a wave, and the peaceful serenity of these sunsets. Ultimately, we want you to feel the way about Sayulita and surfing that we do: absolutely in love.

Amazing Destinations

From Playa Sayulita to San Pancho and Playa Careyeros, the list of amazing surfing destinations in the area is both huge and still growing! Come visit us and explore this beautiful Pacific coastline in Nayarit Mexico.

Knowledgable Guides

We work with locals and experts in the area. With local knowledge, you'll be at an advantage in every lineup at every beach. Get inside tips on the best beaches, where the rocks are, where to find left or right breaks, and more!

Up to Date

The world is a quickly changing place. And the pandemic has only accelerated things. More than ever, we need to be ready to respond to updated guidance from health officials and local governments. We pride ourselves in providing a safe environment so that you can focus on surfing.


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Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

Sayulita is a little town on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Less than an hour from Puerto Vallarta, this hidden gem is quickly becoming no longer hidden. This place has been a hotspot for Mexican families and tourists but is only recently gaining significant attention from international visitors.

The quaint downtown area of Sayulita is so small that transportation by golf cart is more common than driving! The beach is literal steps from the town and boasts consistent right breaks for beginner and expert surfers alike.

To the North and South are bordering beaches and towns which include additional spots for surfing and exploration. The opportunities here are endless - there truly is something for everyone.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Not at all! Sayulita and the nearby areas boast great surfing for all levels! Playa Sayulita, the beach directly next to the town of Sayulita is especially good for beginner to intermediate surfers.

Lessons are offered for first-time surfers. This location is perfect for people looking to get introduced to the sport in a beautiful location.

Don't worry if you didn't bring a board! There are plenty that are available to rent. From soft tops and longboards for beginners to smaller, more expert level boards, we've got something for everyone.

If you're staying anywhere in Sayulita, the odds are you're in walking distance from the beach(it's a small town!). If you're looking to book a surf excursion with travel, pickup at your hotel/airbnb is available.


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