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Experience the Pacific coast in a new way. Let Sayulita sunsets sooth your soul and the water and waves relax your body. We want you to experience the rush of catching a wave, and the peaceful serenity of these sunsets. Ultimately, we want you to feel the way about Sayulita and surfing that we do: absolutely in love.

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Not at all! Sayulita and the nearby areas boast great surfing for all levels! Playa Sayulita, the beach directly next to the town of Sayulita is especially good for beginner to intermediate surfers.

Lessons are offered for first-time surfers. This location is perfect for people looking to get introduced to the sport in a beautiful location.

Don't worry if you didn't bring a board! There are plenty that are available to rent. From soft tops and longboards for beginners to smaller, more expert level boards, we've got something for everyone.

If you're staying anywhere in Sayulita, the odds are you're in walking distance from the beach(it's a small town!). If you're looking to book a surf excursion with travel, pickup at your hotel/airbnb is available.

Ride Sayulita Waves.

Surf the Warm Pacific Breaks of Sayulita Mexico
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