Help You Hang 10 in Sayulita

As the world grows and the untouched corners of earth become touched, we want to share the love for this town and surfing with all who pass through Sayulita. Our goal is for everyone who comes through this magical gem on the western coast of Mexico to see it for the absolute treasure that it is!


Meet our guides

Captain Turtle

Captain Turtle was born in September 1996 in Georgia. Shortly after he was born his family moved to Guam. After returning to the United States at the age of 18 Turtle moved to Key West to get back to his passion for the ocean. Working as a commercial fisherman he learned the waters around Key West before becoming a licensed captain. He is passionate about all things ocean related and loves to travel, explore the world with his backpack when he’s not working.

Captain Pawel

Captain Pawel

Captain Pawel was born in July 1980 in Poland. After getting his college degree in Poland he wasn’t ready yet for the real life and the real job, so he moved to Key West. Very quickly he fell in love with the ocean and opened a watersports business to be able to share his passion for the water and show everyone why he chose to live here.


Love at First Sight

We weren't introduced to Sayulita until later on in life. But once we experienced it, it was love at first sight. The city instantly charmed us. From the beautiful beaches with local families and music, to the friendly expats who coined the spot "Stayulita". This place had so much more beyond the surf and sunsets, and it caught our heart! Sayulita truly is a special place and we're excited to show it off!

Why choose us?

We want to take you to the place that only seem to exist on postcards and calendars. We want you to experience the rush of catching a wave, and the peaceful serenity of these sunsets. Ultimately, we want you to feel the way about Sayulita and surfing that we do: absolutely in love.

Amazing Destinations

From Playa Sayulita to San Pancho and Playa Careyeros, the list of amazing surfing destinations in the area is both huge and still growing! Come visit us and explore this beautiful Pacific coastline in Nayarit Mexico.

Knowledgable Guides

We work with locals and experts in the area. With local knowledge, you'll be at an advantage in every lineup at every beach. Get inside tips on the best beaches, where the rocks are, where to find left or right breaks, and more!

Up to Date

The world is a quickly changing place. And the pandemic has only accelerated things. More than ever, we need to be ready to respond to updated guidance from health officials and local governments. We pride ourselves in providing a safe environment so that you can focus on surfing.


A Serene Surfer Paradise Sayulita, Mexico

In case you can't tell already, we have very high views of Sayulita. There is something about the quaintness of the town, the serenity of the sunsets, and of course, the thrill of a good wave, that have combined to make Sayulita the place that it is. While there are beautiful spots up and down the coast, and even great surf spots as well, we're happy to call this home and make the trek out anywhere else. Sayulita has something for nearly everyone, and we're here to help show it off to you so that you can love it too.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Not at all! Sayulita and the nearby areas boast great surfing for all levels! Playa Sayulita, the beach directly next to the town of Sayulita is especially good for beginner to intermediate surfers.

Lessons are offered for first-time surfers. This location is perfect for people looking to get introduced to the sport in a beautiful location.

Don't worry if you didn't bring a board! There are plenty that are available to rent. From soft tops and longboards for beginners to smaller, more expert level boards, we've got something for everyone.

If you're staying anywhere in Sayulita, the odds are you're in walking distance from the beach(it's a small town!). If you're looking to book a surf excursion with travel, pickup at your hotel/airbnb is available.

Ride Sayulita Waves.

Surf the Warm Pacific Breaks of Sayulita Mexico