Sayulita Surfing – Beginner to Advanced Surfer, Everything You Need to Know

Perfect Surf and Sunset


So you’re coming to Sayulita and you’re interested in surfing! Whether it’s your very first time taking surf lessons or you run a chain of surf schools and are looking for a board rental, Sayulita and the neighboring towns has surfing for everyone! The town and beaches and amazing in-town and nearby surf opportunities have made Sayuilta one of the most popular spots on our planet Earth!

Surfing In Sayulita

The perfect place to be if you’re looking for some high-quality Mexican waves, Sayulita has all levels covered with plenty great hotels and restaurants that will satisfy any appetite. The town itself offers an interesting Pacific Mexicana character making it both a destination for surfers as well as those who just want take in the atmosphere! But you already know that, you’re coming to Sayulita!

There are activities aplenty in this little down to keep you occupied, but the surfing is definitely one you won’t want to miss! There are consistent waves for both beginners or advanced surfers. If you can manage getting up early, the early morning can offer some fun waves with less of a crowd, but the afternoon session always has some good waves too.


It’s a great spot for first timers because the waves are steady and clean, with an even matchup of powers that make it easy to learn on. Plus there’s plenty of room – you won’t have trouble finding somewhere safe near this beach!

The downside? It gets crowded really quickly so if your plan is stay here more than 2 hours then I suggest getting up early or bringing friends along who want some good surf action as well

Sayulita has surfing breaks for everyone too. Playa Sayulita is a beginner-friendly spot with mellow waves that will rarely be challenging. The long take off zone can offer both green and whitewash, making this an excellent place for beginners who want to learn how to surf in Mexico without any steep learning curve or difficult moments.

The Left Break

The Sayulita left is a quirky little river that only likes to rear its head on bigger days (usually during summer). It’s located just north-east along the beach, but still right next door from our friend over there – The Right. This rapid features faster take offs and smaller launch zones which make it perfect for goofy footed people like myself! The ride can be quite long when working properly with an exciting finish at playaSayula’ s northern end in front of villas.”

The Right Break

The Sayulita Right is a place where waves come right up to the river mouth on beachfront. It has some patches of reef but most importantly, it has rock-studded sand bottom with 8ft boards and plus! The best time for this wave would be low tide because then you can get your feet wet without getting too far out into deeper water which means less chance that another swimmer might bump into yours while they’re trying their luck at landing something decent themselves.

Surf Trips and Nearby Surf Spots

If all the surfing that Sayulita has to offer isn’t enough to appease your surfing appetite, not to worry! There are plenty of great surf trips, surf camps, or other towns nearby with surfing to keep you occupied for years! Many of them, including San Pancho, are within a quick drive and are easily to hit while staying in Sayuilta!

San Pancho

San Pancho is a small fishing village located in the north of Mexico. It’s not as developed or touristy compared to other parts of this beautiful Pacific coast, but there are still plenty of things for visitors! You’ll find surf here that isn’t too great with intermediates- it works best if you’re skilled at riding waves. The beach offers up some good ones when conditions align just right – which they usually do!).

Lo de Marcos

When you follow the Riviera Nayarit surf coast north from San Pancho, Lo de Marcos is an even more chilled fishing town. There’s only a few rows of breeze block cabanas and tacos at this beach front location; but don’t worry because it has everything that people need for their day! A coconut seller or two can be found scattered about in order to make sure everyone gets fresh seafood on tap. The waves here tend come with nice little right handers off Point Glorieta which makes them perfect spots whether beginners want easy access into water closer than usual without having much experience yet

La Lancha

La Lancha is an unheralded neighbor to Punta de Mita. This small village on the edge of Sayulita has some great spots for taking surf lessons and drawing visitors from all over PR/Puerto Vallarta area! How did it grow so popular? A consistent break that will suit beginners as well as more advanced riders makes this spot another must visit while you’re here – not only does La lana feature gorgeous turquoise waters with palm trees surrounding it, but high cliffs dotted by sturdy giants also make up part if their beauty

Surf Lessons and the Town of Sayulita

The town of Sayulita has managed to elevate itself to one of the surf havens of the riviera by offering a trio of breaks right on the doorstep. We’re not going to pretend they are the best-quality waves going. They aren’t. However, they go do give a great selection of different styles of riding, meaning you can graduate from mellow beach breaks to left-right reefs without even leaving town.

Sayulita is a charming town. The central plaza sport sombreros jostling next to tequila bars on its cacti-sprouting streets lined with happy hour beer holes and coffee joints for those who need some caffeine before they head out into nature’s beauty once more! Cool boutique hotels aren’t hard find here either, so travelers will be well taken care of while looking forward in their vacation plans

The popularity of Sayulita surfing is even attracting tech-forward companies offering curated and hand-crafted experiences for surfers of all levels! There are the classic Patricia’s Surf Shool and it’s neighbor El Punto surf school, or Lunazul Surf School & Shop just a block away. All of these offer some the basic rental and lessons consistently and at a fair rate.

If you want to take a trip to one of these neighboring towns or beach breaks, you’re going to have to dig a little harder with the surf shops or just make some surfer friends and plan a trip yourselves! And if you’d prefer a more laid back, curated experience, there are companies and opportunities just for you! It’s amazing the range of surf opportunities there are in such a small and fun area, for literally every surf level and surf break preference. It’s no wonder this once-hidden gem(globally at least) is quickly gaining popularity!

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San Poncho Day Trip

Sayulita isn't the only spot around for amazing surfings. Escape the crowds in Sayulita and experience the quaint nearby down of San Pancho. Just 20 minutes by car away, this similarly quaint town has significantly fewer tourists and offers similar, and often better breaks for surfing. No need to fight a crowded lineup trying to catch a wave in !

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6 days
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Punta Mita Surfing Camp

Punta Mita is home to surf shops with great surf lessons and surfboard rentals, but more importantly, some of the surf around. Not only is the town of Punta Mita quaint, authentic, and interesting, but the Punta Mita surf is nothing to be overlooked. With a wide variety of surf breaks and some of the best swells on the Pacific coast, Punta de Mita is sure to quench all of your appetites.

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